Queue Line

Today… afther not sleeping last night, I went to the . I needed to do my registration, and since this is the good time that I want to do it well, I spend most of the time in a queue line… that is something relly normal in Italy. Here for everything you need to do a waiting line. Well I spent 2 hours waiting, but something unusual happen.

The lady, something rare, was really nice and very kind… I had a strange problem with my aplications, so she needed to do many things, afther another long time, the problem came, but for the sake of myself, the lady decided that she will take care of the problem. The only thing is that I need to come back again. At least she said that I will not require to do any .

Talking about something else…

I got some fun making all my (there are some that I still need to do) , as you can see on the rigth, all the bages are in one same style. I like to singup to many programs and site, even if I don’t follow all, but I didn’t liked all those different tipes of bages. So I wanted all in a classic way, but with similar collors of the .

Thanks to Luca Zappa for his Brillian Button Maker.

And I make a few more top for the Blog. One of those is special since have the Baby V.O.X group in the image

Thanks to Thomas Hawk’s for this image, and cyrenaic for this image.


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