So many things… just no time

Lately I’m doing many, really many things and I start to loose a little control of what I can do.. and how many thiings I can handle…

There are many news, some interesting sites that are worth to see, and… other things…

Personnaly I have many news.. since at the University is going really great.. even that I have no time to relax..
and the work still like always… (I like in that way).

I will try to put some information here… even if I don’t write in all the languages since it takes me some times.

for now… bye bye.


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  1. Gravatar Icon 1 nhOc (1 comments)
    Hello there,
    How are you? I’m just an Italian learner. So in love with Italian. :D They dont teach much Italian in my place so… :( And I run across your blog on yahoo 360 by chance today. Just would like to ask u if u can write your blog in Italian so I can learn some real Italian. Grazie mille. :D
  2. Gravatar Icon 2 Agaponeo (155 comments)
    Many of the post that I write, are in 3 languages…
    English, Italian and Spanish

    some times is hard to write the same thing in 3 languages, but I do…

    these last post is because I have not much time, things that will change in the next week (I think).

    Don’t worry, You will see in Italian too :)

    thanks for the interest :)

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