I’m sorry to say this but.
I was trying Qumana software. With this program, is “easy” to post to many blogs, with a nice interface, with WYSIWYG editor plus the possibility to view the source code, for easy editing.

Well, the program seems nice.
I was able to connect with this site, and with another Blog (I only used for testing).
Too shame that I wasn’t able to connect with my MSN Spaces. I try many times, but I only got some errors (I know it could be “msn spaces” server problems).

Well, after this, I try to post a simple post about Qumana.
I almost got no response from my computer, and while I was waiting like 10 minutes, then I “kill the proces”. (In the testing blog, there was no new post)

It could be a nice program, but maybe some other people can try, and maybe it will work good for them.

Mi dispiace dirlo ma.
Stavo provando il programma Qumana. Con questo programma, e’ “facile” postare in tanti blog, con una interfaccia carina, con l’editore di testo WYSIWYG, e con la possibilita di vedere ed editare in HTML

Bene, il software sembra carino.
Mi sono collegato con questo sito, e con un’altro Blog (Lo uso solo per testare alcune cose).
Peccato che non sono stato capace di collegarlo con il mio Spazio MSN. Ho provato molte volte, ma ho solo ricevuto errori (so che puossono essere probblemi con i server di “msn space”).

Dopo aver fatto questo, provo a fare un semplice posticino riguardo a Qumana.
Per poco non perdo il controllo del PC, e dopo aver aspettato tanto, circa 10 minuti, ho “killato il processo”. (Nel blog testato, non ci sono stati nuovi post)

Poteva essere un programma carino, puo essere che per altri funzioni, provatelo e vedrete voi.

Lastima pero lo tengo que decir.
Estaba probando el programa Qumana. con este programa, es “facil” postar en muchos blogs, con una bonita interfaz, con el editor WYSIWYG y con la posibilidad de ver el codigo, y de editar en HTML.

Bueno, el programita parece muy bonito.
Fui capaz de conectarme con este sitio y con otro Blog (Lo uso solo para probar algunas cosas).
Lastima que no logre conectarme con mi Espacio MSN. Probe muchas veces, pero solo consegui errores (Se que pudo ser problema del “msn spaces” server).

Bueno, luego de esto, trate de hacer un simple post referente a Qumana.
Casi no consigo controlar el computador, y luego de una larga espera, casi 10 minutos, lo mas logico fue “matar el proceso”. (En el blog de prueba, no hubo ningun nuevo post)

Pudo ser un bonito programa, puede ser que a otros le funcione, pruebenlo.


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  1. Gravatar Icon 1 Jon Husband (2 comments)
    Could you give us a bit more information, and maybe we can be of help ? What kind of blog platform were you trying to post to (I just clicked through .. WordPress, right ?)

    Qumana works essentially flawlessly with Wordpress .. I reali ze that it may be un;ikelybut could it be that there was something slow, or bottlenecked, with your Internet connection or ISP. There is indeed the odd memory leak or every once in a (very rare) while that the post times out or some such, but as I said it is quite rare, esp. with Wordpress … it happens more often with Blogware, but most of the time the post goes through anyway.

    Qumana also does post to MSNSpaces, tho’ i think you have to tinker with some of the settings (I forget). i believe there is information about that, either on the Qumana site or the Qumana How-To blog.

  2. Gravatar Icon 2 Agaponeo (154 comments)
    Well… I tryed it.

    I will check it again, but yes, there was a memory leak really bad.

    Like I said, maybe other will have more luck than me, with Qumana.
    Since I think Qumana is really nice, but I got too many problems.

  3. Gravatar Icon 3 Jon Husband (2 comments)
    Thanks, agaponeo. I have forwarded your issue . concern to our President and our lead developer.

    Thank you for this useful feedback, and we hope it will be applicable to making our application better.

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