Guerra; Audi, BMW and Subaru (Ironica)

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Too funny to see these ads. From Audi, BMW and Subaru. These are a little ironical ads.


Congratulations to BMW for Winning “World Car of the Year 2006” From the Winner of Six Consecutive “Le Mans 24 Hour Races 2000-2006”

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My system is not recognizing 2 Storage Drives…
(Where is all my music)

EDIT: OK, It’s back again…
I know that my hardware is calling me for help…
My PC, want some upgrades…
Or maybe is winzozz, that is working how is suppose to work… with problems.

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The Global Competitiveness

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The Global Competitiveness Report 2006-2007 1 Switzerland 24 Korea, Rep. 27 Chile 28 Spain 42 Italy 88 Venezuela Total countries: 125 In english I have not much to say, I’m only quoting the parts that interest me. You can read it in Italian or Spanish


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Dans le Travail

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Today at work. I said to Jeac.

“Aujourd’hui c’e n’est pas queue de baleine”

I wasn’t able to stop of laugh… “Today there are no whale tails May be only a few ones can understand what they are.

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Cercasi, disperatamente, nuono piano tariffario di Omnitel… Eh si, non ne posso piu. 10 euro mi durano 10 ore… Dovuto a casi del destino, avevo cambiato il mio piano tariffario, ed avevo messo il nuovo “Vodafone Infinity”. E’ stato buono mentre l’ho usato.
Adesso ho bisogno di uno nuovo che sia piu flessibile con tutti gli operatori (non sono classista) Non ho nessun numero Vodafone, che possa essere importante… Infinity non mi serve piu…
Tutti gli amici/conosciuti/persone possono avere qualsiasi gestore… allora mi serve qualcosa che possa usarsi con tutti… Uno non sa mai chi incontra, e con esso, che operatore usa.
Allora non decidendo uno l’operatore, e’ buono poter parlare tranquillo con tutti e non dire… “Ha sei Tim/Omni/Wind mi costi troppo”… Bah… Se cualcuno sa di cualche piano tariffario, e pensa che sia buono… lasciare un messaggio.

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Second Game

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This will be the second game for WII, when I will have it. The first is always, the only one Zelda.

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Buen viaje Edu

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Lastima que no fuimos amigos antes… Edu & Aga

Que tengas un buen viaje, y que se logre todo lo que hagas.

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