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Thanks, agaponeo. I have forwarded your issue . concern to our President and our lead developer.

Thank you for this useful feedback, and we hope it will be applicable to making our application better.

Comment Posted By Jon Husband On 2006.08.02 @ 5:52 pm

Could you give us a bit more information, and maybe we can be of help ? What kind of blog platform were you trying to post to (I just clicked through .. WordPress, right ?)

Qumana works essentially flawlessly with Wordpress .. I reali ze that it may be un;ikelybut could it be that there was something slow, or bottlenecked, with your Internet connection or ISP. There is indeed the odd memory leak or every once in a (very rare) while that the post times out or some such, but as I said it is quite rare, esp. with Wordpress … it happens more often with Blogware, but most of the time the post goes through anyway.

Qumana also does post to MSNSpaces, tho’ i think you have to tinker with some of the settings (I forget). i believe there is information about that, either on the Qumana site or the Qumana How-To blog.

Comment Posted By Jon Husband On 2006.08.02 @ 1:47 am

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