Womplay to earn some EOS

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I’ve been trying the Game Hub Womplay, to play some games and meanwhile earning some crypto (EOS). The selections of games, from what I can see it’s not great. While playing the games in the selection you earn Wombucks and for the time being the only thing I’ve been able to use them is to “commit” to a share pool.
As the image below suggest, the share pool is about $3000 and currently we are 16k people on it and we have committed for about 257,318,312 Wombucks. I’m guessing the share each one is getting based on the personal committed Wombucks.

I have “committed” with about 7000 Wombucks which will be turned to about $0.10

One of the games that I am enjoying it, is Tasty Tales, gameplay is match 3 puzzle game like candy crush, with not polished graphics.
Here below are the Wombucks that can earn with the game.
Currently I have gather 46k since I installed and played, it’s been about a week so far.

Install Tasty Tale, enjoy the game and reach specific in-game milestones to earn Wombucks. Each milestone can be completed once:

Install the game: 1000 Wombucks
Login for the second time: 500 Wombucks
Complete Level 22: 1500 Wombucks
Complete Level 36: 2500 Wombucks
Complete Level 52: 5000 Wombucks
Complete Level 70: 10500 Wombucks
Complete Level 90: 17500 Wombucks
Additionally, you can get Wombucks for:
Up to 1000 Wombucks per day for play time
I have gathered about 46k Wombucks with this game since I installed.

There are some other games that I have played like UFABET เข้าสู่ระบบเลยตอนนี้, uninstalled and others that I’m trying right now.
Can you get serious money, No way!, but since I play them anyways, why not getting some coins from them.

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