• Apps

One hard thing on Android is to keep track of the changes, patches and updates of the applications. Having many…

Upgrade to https

  • Website

Yesterday I actually made two upgrades to my site. I always like to tinkering with the website, lately I'm not…


  • Games
  • Personal

Always liked "Achievements". In the past there was not so much of Achievement Hunters, I don't think myself as one…

Lineage 2 Revolution “Update”

  • MMO
  • RPG

Yesterday the game "Lineage 2 Revolution" was updated. I've been playing the game since a little more than a month,…

I got Worms

  • Incremental

A few days ago I downloaded "I got Worms". At first impact the game looks simple and basic, but this…

Lineage 2 Revolution

  • MMO
  • RPG

I started to play Lineage 2 Revolution, probably about 2 weeks ago. I got caught in the simplicity of the…

Realm Grinder

  • Games
  • Incremental

Realm Grinder is an Incremental game that currently I love. I've been playing it since 531 Days ago (at the…

Agaponeo 2.0

  • Personal

It feels a little strange setting up again the blog, it's been about 9 years since my last post. The…

Hello world!

  • Uncategorized

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

Benevolent Inventor

  • Old Blog

I tried this test and I think is nice... many question, but with a new way of anwser, and I…

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