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Starting with Unity

I love games, I specially like online games like casino o poker games, I have learn a lot from  I play lot’s of games but also I get bored fast from games so I’m always switching games and trying new ones.
I can try many genres of them and also different visuals of them. Probably the only genre of games that I don’t like is Sport ones (Unless it is managerial ones).

So I decided to learn Unity, why not. At the moment just started to learn the basics of the program and the assets (I’m not good at design) checking for the free assets sites. For me, the most important in a game is the gameplay, how it feels to play, less interested in the graphics and then the story.
At the moment just starting to learn and watch videos of how to use Unity for gaming development.

Probably will start with a Space Shooter, just to try to learn and is a genre that personally likes a lot.
We will see how it goes.

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