Upgrade to https

Yesterday I actually made two upgrades to my site.

I always like to tinkering with the website, lately I’m not tweaking too much of it since the lack of time.

The first one, as the title said, the website was “upgraded” from the normal http to the savvy and trusted https. The second “Upgrade” was the installation of a plugin to render the blog AMP friendly.

The first upgrade, since with the hosting company there was a free service that I could use, why not use it then.

Even though for a few minutes my heart stopped when the site was unresponsive and inaccessible. Currently I think there are some tweaks that still need to be done, but overall everything seems working. Currently all the pages seems working, and after browsing a little found out that one page was trying to load an old script that I promptly deleted.

For the second Upgrade, I install a WordPress plugin for AMP or Accelerate Mobile Pages, help load faster the website from a mobile. Agaponeo with AMP, for sure the viewing experience is better in mobile than desktop. 

It works pretty good and the site still looks good as I like it.

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