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Hello all, with the game”The Walking Death: Our World” just out, I’ve been playing it since the beginning. At the moment there is not much information regarding it, so I wanted to make a list of Tips to help anyone that is playing it, as well I recommend check the info from to start to win money at the same time that you play video games.

Currently I’m level 9

I’m in a group that is very active and we focus on completing challenges together.

I recommend anyone to read the FAQs as there is plenty of information regarding the game inside there. It’s decently comprehensive. The game is using the universe of “The Walking Death” and it feels really nice playing it.

We’re only on Bronze II but progressing quickly

  • Get in an Active Group as soon as you can, there are nice rewards in cards and coins from the Weekly Challenges.
  • Try always to return 5 survivors to any safe house at a time to receive better cards.
  • There’s second yellow indicator shown in the top left corner of some cards. This indicates that the card can be used to help complete a Group challenge. Pick one of those if you want to help your Group complete the Group Board to win extra rewards!
  • Any Legendary are really strong out-of-the-box, Legendary character you can get and if you get them I would highly recommend upgrading him right-off-the-bat. they are slightly OP.
  • Infestations and raider outpost battles are your best bet for getting lots of cards with good levels quickly.
  • If a card is strong against the walkers for that mission then you’ll see a yellow arrow indicating that above the weapon type icon on a card.
  • Don’t get too attached to a hero. Use their strong against to your advantage.
  • If you use AR, share it once a day, you will receive 100 coins. (you can share it anywhere, not necessarily on social media)
  • Don’t be stingy with health packs and grenades…. if you need to use them just use them. You can always go for a lap around the block and fill them back up pretty easily.
  • If you’re trying to collect survivors, GO FOR THE LOW LEVEL ONES. If you try to collect survivors from high level encounters, you run the risk of your helper character and yourself being overrun by zombies , even with high level weapons.
  • Gold should be spent on packs.
  • Upgrading common cards will net you the highest XP/coin cost later on. Once a card costs about 500 coins you’ll start getting high xp for upgrading them.

Click here for a small Gameplay video.

What are Groups?
Groups are a place to team up with other players, chat with them, and complete quests together for rewards on the weekly group boards. Probably groups is one of the most important things to have in the game

In the Challenges tab in the game. you will find the Group Boards. These are sets of challenges for you to complete with your Group. They will be live for a period of six and a half days, and then take a half day break before starting up again.
These challenges vary from ‘Take out 50 heavy walkers with the help of Michonne” to “Collect 1 00 different supply crates”.
The challenges are in the form of a bingo complete the individual challenge, and you as well as your group can collect rewards. Complete the horizontal and vertical rows intersecting a special reward pack to unlock it for your whole group!
There are 1 1 Tiers to the weekly Group Boards, with each Tier having 3 Boards to complete.

All Groups will start on the first Board at the lowest Tier. Once your Group completes all three Boards you’ll rank up to the next Tier. In this way Groups can climb up from Tier I all the way to Tier I I .
At the start of each week all Groups will move back to the first Board of the last completed Tier. Unless the Group was able to complete two of the three Boards, then they will start on the same Tier but back at the first Board. For some early Tiers completing one Board will be enough to stay on the higher Tier, but aim to complete two to be safe!
The higher up the Boards and Tiers your Group goes, the better the rewards you’ll earn, so it’s always worth pushing on to reach as high a Tier and Board as you can.
Note that the final Tier is incredibly difficult will be very hard for all but the most committed Groups to complete.

This is the flavor text in game about Weekly Challenge

Every week your Group is presented with a set of three Challenge Boards. If you complete them all. your Group will progress to the next Tier for Improved rewards. Make sure to play to every member’s strengths and preferences. coordinate cleverly and use Flares to support each other. The Challenge Board progress is reset every Friday. Make sure to complete at least two boards every week to avoid being demoted to a lower Tier.The ultimate Tier is an Impossible test for the toughest of Survivors!

An Infestation is a group of three to five missions, depending on rarity, with each mission increasing in difficulty. On the map they have a symbol of three skulls above a cluster of walkers.
Regular Infestations have a total of 3 missions, Rare Infestations have 4 missions and Epic Infestations have 5 missions.
Infestations will reward you with coins for the intermediate levels, and a pack for clearing the whole site.
The pack for completing the last stage of the Infestation will include one token, which is randomly chosen from a Safe House, Training, or Upgrade tokens.
In addition, the final reward for clearing an entire Rare or Epic Infestation will also include a guaranteed Rare or Epic card respectively. Hero classes

There are different types of Heroes who can help you on your way.
Melee: Close combat type, the only one who can get out of a struggle by themselves. Symbol: Katana-shaped sword

Pistol: Ranged attack with good fire rate and accuracy. Hits a single target at a time. Symbol: Pistol

Shotgun: Ranged attack with spreading shot, stunning
targets in close proximity to the main-target. The main-target receives full damage of the weapon. Symbol: Shotgun

SMG: Ranged attack that shoots in short bursts. Main-
target is hit with damage equal to the power level, but the remaining bullets from the burst are weaker. Those remaining bullets also stun the targets for very short time. Symbol: Hefty gun

Assault rifle: Ranged attack that shoots in longer bursts than SMGs. Main-target is hit with most damage, but the remaining bullets from the burst are weaker. Those remaining bullets also push back the affected targets. Symbol: Thin gun

Sniper rifle: Ranged attack with a zoom that allows you to hit with pinpoint accuracy. Symbol: Thin gun with a scope Weekly Group Boards

My Hero is healing!
If your Companion takes some damage during combat, they need time to heal afterwards. During the time they are healing, they cannot be taken on another mission.

If your Companion is injured, they take a short time to heal, and if they collapse to the ground, they will take longer.
After getting injured in an Infestation, they’ll need a bit more time to heal than if they were injured in an Encounter.
The amount of time they’ll take to heal depends on your player level, the mission type, and the amount of damage they’ve taken.
If you want to get them back up and going for another mission you can quickly heal Heroes with a First Aid Kit. It’s a green icon with a white cross.

Choosing your Companion or weapon
Other than normal Walkers, all Heroes and weapons will be better or worse against different Walker types.
When going on a mission you’ll see the portrait of your Hero and weapon. When you tap on either you’ll see a selection menu for that card type.
If the weapon or Hero is not especially strong or weak against the Walker type, there is no indicator arrow.

There is already n upcoming addition to the game: Rankings.

Not sure when but they are promoting it.

That is for now, when I have more tips and tricks will for sure share them.

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