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TWD: OW second week

We started the second week of “The Walking Death: Our World” and is already becoming more challenged.

Second week because the weekly challenges started yesterday morning. We already as a group are facing the struggle of a mission that is really hard. “rescue 80 survivors (easy part) and bring them to a trading post (super hard)”

Asking inside the group who is able to build a trading post and only today in the afternoon one of the group will be able to do it. Luckily he will set up an hour in advance to let us know when use a flare.

Currently i have not see a single trading post in the areas that i walk/play/work/exist.

This gives me the impression that for higher tiers of the weekly challenges it will always be harder and we as group will have to communicate more. This is something that i like in the game, were the communication is essential for achieving the community goal.

A few day ago a posted some tips for the game.

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AR Games MMO

TWD: Our World Tips

Hello all, with the game”The Walking Death: Our World” just out, I’ve been playing it since the beginning. At the moment there is not much information regarding it, so I wanted to make a list of Tips to help anyone that is playing it, as well I recommend check the info from to start to win money at the same time that you play video games.

Currently I’m level 9

I’m in a group that is very active and we focus on completing challenges together.

I recommend anyone to read the FAQs as there is plenty of information regarding the game inside there. It’s decently comprehensive. The game is using the universe of “The Walking Death” and it feels really nice playing it.

We’re only on Bronze II but progressing quickly

  • Get in an Active Group as soon as you can, there are nice rewards in cards and coins from the Weekly Challenges.
  • Try always to return 5 survivors to any safe house at a time to receive better cards.
  • There’s second yellow indicator shown in the top left corner of some cards. This indicates that the card can be used to help complete a Group challenge. Pick one of those if you want to help your Group complete the Group Board to win extra rewards!
  • Any Legendary are really strong out-of-the-box, Legendary character you can get and if you get them I would highly recommend upgrading him right-off-the-bat. they are slightly OP.
  • Infestations and raider outpost battles are your best bet for getting lots of cards with good levels quickly.
  • If a card is strong against the walkers for that mission then you’ll see a yellow arrow indicating that above the weapon type icon on a card.
  • Don’t get too attached to a hero. Use their strong against to your advantage.
  • If you use AR, share it once a day, you will receive 100 coins. (you can share it anywhere, not necessarily on social media)
  • Don’t be stingy with health packs and grenades…. if you need to use them just use them. You can always go for a lap around the block and fill them back up pretty easily.
  • If you’re trying to collect survivors, GO FOR THE LOW LEVEL ONES. If you try to collect survivors from high level encounters, you run the risk of your helper character and yourself being overrun by zombies , even with high level weapons.
  • Gold should be spent on packs.
  • Upgrading common cards will net you the highest XP/coin cost later on. Once a card costs about 500 coins you’ll start getting high xp for upgrading them.

Click here for a small Gameplay video.


Pokemon Go Trainer Code

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So it’s been 5 months since my last post, just got lots and lots of things to do at work that i haven’t been able to focus on pretty much anything else.

So the last update of Pokemon Go came out and finally some extra things to do are in.

I understand that at the moment having “friends” in the games does not help too much.

At the moment is great for having the Alolan versions of some pokemons and I hope that hatching those eggs something special can come out, since the eggs seems to be linked from where the gift was sent.

Currently I’m hatching a Japanese egg, will see what comes out.

So here is my trainer code: 171336386380 and if you are from outside of Europe, I will love to have as friends in the game.

This is my normal day to day area of play.

Pokemon Go area of play

Just leave me a comment with the Trainer Name and i will add you.

I always send gifts.

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Always liked “Achievements”.

In the past there was not so much of Achievement Hunters, I don’t think myself as one but I do like to reach for them. Currently playing mostly on mobile, I do appreciate when game have the google play connection and they do have Achievements.

If they do not have it’s not a problem, still the main reason to play is the game itself.

When I was playing more in the PC, and mostly with Steam, I was using the only site that I knew back then. Agaponeo’s AStats Profile.

Just found out 3 interesting sites for Achievement Hunters.

I personally prefer the Completionist site that looks very nice, but kudos for Metagamerscore as it has more accounts acquisitions from various sources.

For the moment being I will continue with Google Play Profile for the Achievements but I cannot find a website to track them from Google.

Until I will have time to play with Steam my search for Achievements in mobile will continue.


Lineage 2 Revolution “Update”

Yesterday the game “Lineage 2 Revolution” was updated.

I’ve been playing the game since a little more than a month, and I still enjoy it.
Even though the game feels that is starting to consume more time that I want.

Here is the list of the main things that were added/updated;
1. Max Level Expansion (MAX Lv.180)
2. New Additional Territory (Giran)
3. New Additional Field Boss (Stenoa)
4. Start of the Fortress & Open Siege’s Official Season
– New additional fortresses (4 in Gludio, 4 in Dion)
– Fortress Siege improvements
– Open Siege improvements
5. Max Inventory Slot Expansion (400 slots)
6. Addition of Past Reward Claims
7. Additional Content Improvements
8. New Additional Items

Currently I’m level 91 and from the time I wrote the previous Post, I’ve gained about 50 levels. “Lineage 2 Revolution” itself is lot’s of grind, but for the moment I still not find it tedious.

Currently I’m inside in a nicer Clan, but still I do not find it functional.
There are not many things to do with a clan, and been a game that promotes AFK’s, most of the time there are people (Including me) that are AFK and there is little relationship between the clan members. Way to different from the MMO in the PC.

The game is becoming more P2W (Pay to win), but for the moment I will continue, as currently I still have another 90 levels to go for. Probably it will take me about two more months to reach it (may be 3).

For the full Patch Notes it can be found in the Official Forum. Link.

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