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Today I got caught by something interesting… Chespirito and “El Chavo del 8”. For the spanish people that know me, and to be more specific the Latinoamerican people, I think all they know him (Chespirito).

I was on my reserch of old stuff from my childhood, and I came across of this memory of a TV show that I liked to see: “El Chavo del 8”. I must admind that this can be odd, to like this progam, but after a nice and long reading in the only website that talk about this, was nice to remember, and to get some explanations about many things of this TV show. And now I like this show even more, since I could not understand the real meaning of the show itself, been a little child in front of the TV. I liked because it is a nice and healty comic TV show, but know I now more about the deep meaning of all the show, and how it was created.

I got some sentimentalis because the reality of what that program was, and how it was the mirror of the poor reality of latinoamerica in those years (that doesn’t mean that in the present is better). But the way that the author (Roberto Gomez Bolaños a.k.a Chespirito), represented the reality in a funny way, to let the people have some hope in a (little) better future, is what I was blind (I remember to the people I was young, really young).

Now I need to search for those episodes. Since now I like more one of the pest Latinoamerican comic TV shows.

All the info is in Spanish and can be found at: Unico sitio no oficial de “Chespirito”

Site of the Author: Chespirito (Official site under costruction)

Old Blog

The time has come…

Well… I spent one week to know and play with WordPress. I use some plugins to have some nice features, and I learn some PHP and some JavaScript, but I will still need to learn more… Thanks to Clemens Orth for making this great Theme.

I make this new site, first because I like my nickname, and I’m a little greedy, so I wanted my domain with my nick. Almost everywhere, when you see Agaponeo, that is me… I have this nickname since I’m 12 years old, that is long time.

Second… I got sick of how many blog-sites and free blogs programs, like Xanga, MSN Spaces, Yahoo! 360º, Blogger… and some other that I don’t remember, but these ones are the most commons… and I was like tire of these because most of them, you need to create communities, and since those are many, that means many communities to follow…

Now, I’m on my own, and I need to start from 0. I will post many things, first to help me to improve my English, and I hope that writing will help me with that… This was my small intro for this site… Please enjoy ^_^