16 Years pass by

My last day of work was last Saturday. I’ve been with the same employer for 16 years, and those 16 years have been fantastic.
I have so many wonderful memories with coworkers and customers that it’s difficult to count them all.
I’ve traveled to numerous places and worked in a handful of them.
But now is the moment for a shift.

Now I’m starting a new job in a new position with new responsibilities.
I’m excited to see how this new journey turns out.

That is why I haven’t posted anything in the previous month, and the crypto and market have a lot to discuss. I’ve also been playing two games on my phone (which I’m enjoying).

Now is the moment for me to put all of my efforts into my new career and be the best version of myself.


Life is a Mystery

Finally, my life is going to take a turn into something else. The road I’m now riding on is no longer appropriate for me. Many things will change soon, but no information is available.
One thing is certain: my shoulders will be relieved of stress.

I adore my wife, and my children are wonderful, despite the fact that they are both difficult to keep up with, they have so much energy. The elder one wants to be with me all the time, to play with me, to watch videos with me, to be with me all the time. It’s tiring, but I enjoy it. The younger one could be a lot like the elder one; she is far more daring, has no fear, and is willing to do everything.

These coming months will be difficult because I will have less time for my family at first, but I am hopeful that we will make it through. The most essential thing for me is to make time for them and be there with them.
I prefer to experience significant moments in their lives rather than seeing them via the lens of a photograph.
Let’s see how this new experience turns out.

Games Personal RPG


In Italy, today is Saturday, almost Sunday. On Monday of this week, I took the COVID test to check if I was positive and could return to work.
I can’t deny that a part of me wanted to be positive since it would grant me a few more days of confinement.
The ten days spent at home with the family, all together under quarantine, were not a bad thing. The kids wanted to play all day every day, and while I enjoy playing with them, playing all day was exhausting.

Finally, I received a negative test result on Monday and returned to work on Tuesday. Coming back to work was a challenge; there is also a lot of work to do, and we weren’t prepared for it.

I’m trying out a few new games, some of them are casual.
Baldur’s Gate 3 is one that I enjoy playing (when I have the time).
I have it for Stadia as well as Steam.
When I played Original Sin 2, I fell in love with Larian Studios.
Because I enjoy D&D and Baldur’s Gate games, I knew I had to have it as soon as they announced it, which is why I have it on both platforms.
I’ve been playing it on Stadia and I’m really enjoying it.

Unfortunately, all of the work and the family deplete the rest of my energy from my body whenever I get home.
When I make my children go to bed, I fall asleep with them.

Baldur's Gate 3 Logo
Baldur’s Gate 3 Logo

Crypto week 13

I skipped last week, too many thing to do around the house and at work, also is not that there was any change in my allocation, beside getting some EOS from Womplay. From the previous week I got an increase of 20%, these week the markets are showing some green fields, but the scariest thing that happened was that I can not login to crypto com, but after a ew tries I was able to get into my account.

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Current allocation:

  • BNB: 55.52%
  • MATIC: 8.85%
  • NEAR: 8.60%
  • ADA: 7.19%
  • AVAX: 6.09%
  • USDT: 5.25%
  • GALA: 3.19%
  • SAND: 3.09%
  • TOWER: 1.69%

EOS is not listed as the earnings from Womplay are really little.
I will like to get some CRO and LUNA in the near future.


Finally got COVID

In my family I’m the only one vaccinated with second dose. I’m supposed to get the third dose or booster as it’s called but I didn’t want.

We, as a family, have been extremely cautious since the pandemic began, washing our hands, wearing masks, and avoiding crowds. I was not discovered to be vaccinated since the beginning, but here in Italy, you either receive the vaccine or you can’t work.

The odd thing is that you can’t receive fire from your firm when it’s in an emergency condition. So, if you don’t get vaccinated, you’re in limbo, unable to work, so you don’t get paid from the firm or the state, and your two options are to leave or get the vaccine.

Finally, if you are compelled to complete it.

So, now my entire family has been infected with the virus, and we all had modest symptoms; better this way, all us have the green pass at a time when it will soon be obsolete, but we received the antibodies in a more natural way.