Old Blog

The time has come…

Well… I spent one week to know and play with WordPress. I use some plugins to have some nice features, and I learn some PHP and some JavaScript, but I will still need to learn more… Thanks to Clemens Orth for making this great Theme.

I make this new site, first because I like my nickname, and I’m a little greedy, so I wanted my domain with my nick. Almost everywhere, when you see Agaponeo, that is me… I have this nickname since I’m 12 years old, that is long time.

Second… I got sick of how many blog-sites and free blogs programs, like Xanga, MSN Spaces, Yahoo! 360º, Blogger… and some other that I don’t remember, but these ones are the most commons… and I was like tire of these because most of them, you need to create communities, and since those are many, that means many communities to follow…

Now, I’m on my own, and I need to start from 0. I will post many things, first to help me to improve my English, and I hope that writing will help me with that… This was my small intro for this site… Please enjoy ^_^