10 x 10

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10 x 10
I take a look once a week at this 10 x 10 site, I found this when I was looking for the Justcurio.us.
This site create a mosaic of 100 images (10 x 10), based on the news (mostly rss from news sites), and take the first 100 words of the news, and associate those words with images, everything in a nice flash images viewer with the words on a side. Is interesting how the image change every hour based on those words. and they have a nice archive too.

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Korean Day 2

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Well… classes are going nice and smooth…
Today some reading and remembering the first vowels and first consonants of the Korean Alphabet.
Is good to start from the really beggining, even that most basic I already know, but they might be some things that I skipped or just the (many) pages where I was learning from may not explained or not cared about.
Now I can’t wait until the next lesson. 🙂

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Korean Day 1

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Today I had my first Korean lesson at the university, was nice even that most of the things I already know them… (for now since I have been studying by myself korean for almost a year). But this first lesson was like a brief introduction of what the course will be. The Professor in nice and kind, so it will be nice learning. Funny was that the first day was about the korean alphabet :D, but is ok, I want learn from the beggining. Most of the professor seems nice.. because they know that at the university there are many problems going now 🙁 Let’s hope for the best.

Oggi ho avuto la prima lezione di Coreano all’universita, e’ stato bello anche se il piu delle cose (per ora gia che ho studiato da solo Coreano per quasi un anno). La prima lezzione e’ stata una piccola introduzione di quello che il corso sara. La Professora e’ simpatica, cosi sara piu facile imparare. Simpatico e’ stato che nella prima lezzione a parlato sul alfabeto Coreano :D, pero va bene, voglio imparare bene dal’inizio. La maggior parte dei professori sembrano simpatici… puo essere perche sono al corrente dei vari probblemi che la universita sta attraversando adesso 🙁 Speriamo per il meglio.

Hoy tuve la primera leccion de Coreano en la universidad, fue bonito aunque la mayor parte de las cosas ya las se (por ahora, ya que por casi un año estoy estudiando el Coreano por mi mismo. La primera leccion fue una pequeña introduccion sobre lo que el curso sera. La Profesora es simpatica, asi sera mas facil aprender. Divertido fue che en la primera leccion explico un poco el alfabeto Coreano :D, bueno esta bein, ya que quiero aprender bien desde el inicio. La mayor parte de los profesores parecen ser simpaticos, puede ser porque son al corriente de las varias problematicas que la universitat esta atravezando en estos momentos 🙁 Esperemos en lo mejor.

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Awake… again

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This is a first time since a long time, that I wake up as a normal person… in the morning. But I needed to rest a while, since I have so much tiredness in my body.

I know that sleeping in the afternoon (and live at night), is not good for the health (something about the sun). Well, now that the university will start again, I better be ready to sleep at night, otherwise I will become a vampire. 🙂 Is still one month left before it will start, but I want to be ready.

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How to finish the Grow Cube

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I have seen some people searching information about how to finish the Grow Cube, is a simple flash game, but is great because that and the nice and cute graphic. Very adictive until you finish it.
Thanks to EyezMaze for this game.
Some friends asked me how to finsh, so I made some screens of the game.


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