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10 x 10

10 x 10
I take a look once a week at this 10 x 10 site, I found this when I was looking for the
This site create a mosaic of 100 images (10 x 10), based on the news (mostly rss from news sites), and take the first 100 words of the news, and associate those words with images, everything in a nice flash images viewer with the words on a side. Is interesting how the image change every hour based on those words. and they have a nice archive too.

By Agaponeo

My name is Cristian Bracci, and I am married to a beautiful lady as well as the dad of two amazing daughters.
Aside from working full-time and spending time with my family, I generally spend my free time learning new things or playing video games.
Since the days of Atari, I've been a gamer.