(Is Lackness a word?)

Well.. I really lack of discipline for many things…
I try to do many.. (too many) things… but of course is almost imposibble to realize all of them…

I’ve been with some flue… so I’m a little down (Usually I never get sick)

but there are happening many things.. (I already said that time ago)
well to be exactly…
The last thing I did… is a Korean exam (writen) 90/100 ^_^

and in these 2 last weeks… I have doing…
Preparing the Korean exam (speech)
Preparing the Korean Culture exam ^_^
Helping my father with a Urbanistic Proyect (in CAD)
Passing all the proyect in a 3D presentation ^_^
Helping a friend with a web site ^_^
Helping some friends with their pc and some Internet connections
I became beta tester of DDO
and I got my new DS
(I need to play to get relax :P )

well… hope to do at least a few of this things…
(but It will be hard.. since I’m sick :S )


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