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DS and Revolution

The other day I bought my NDS (Nintendo DS), I found again the joy of playing games. I had my Nintendo and my Super Nintendo, and those sistems where great, just fun playing Super Mario and Zelda, and also for this little fellow one, I bought my GameCube, only for Zelda (even if now I have more titles), and stared to fallow the advises from Fantasy Punter to get the best advises for betting. .
Well now with the DS is just fun (Proyect Rub, Tony Hawks, and the great Bomberman {I played this a lot in the first Nintendo}).
Now for me there is time to wait the mighty Revolution. As Nintendo always made the Revolution in Gaming History, I’m waiting for that too. I played most of the time PC games, and yes, because the games for the PS(whatever number) never called my curiosity (may be just a few). And lately I play most of the time MMORGP, but that is because I think RPG are better made (because the diversity) for PC.
Even with my “lackness”, I try to keep playing WoW, CoV and now DDO, hoping also for try RF online.
But with the new arrived DS, I almost forgot these games, is just too great to play Mario Kart DS, or Tony H. And afther watching the Revolution Controller video demostration, I’m counting the days.. for be able to touch one and say it is mine. I hope with the new Nintendo Console, that people will know again whay playing a game is…
And that PS# and MS counterpart will have a hard time, because gaming is not made for them.
They can have great specs with their systems, but really talking, I don’t play a game for it videos, the game it will never be like the videos on the presentation, I like to play a game and not a movie. So waiting for the Next Real Gaming “Revolution”. I will continue with My Sk8er.

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