Cisterna de recuerdos

Yo vivo en el recuerdo de la gente, en la memoria de la gente. Si yo logro que la gente me olvide, yo me olvidare de la gente. Y quando nadie me recuerde, yo dejare de existir.

This is something I found, in my box of memories… Is something I wrote long time ago… I think when I was 18 years old…
I don’t remember if when I write this, I have already read it somewhere else.
But this, I think is been keept in my mind. I have always thinked about this.

I live in the remembers of the people, in the memories of the people. If I am able to make people forget me, I will forget the people. And when nobody will remember me, I will stop to exist.

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My name is Cristian Bracci, husband and father of a baby daughter, also a gamer since the days of Atari. Beside my work and spending time with my family, the moments that I have free I spend by learning things or playing games.
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