Today, while watching a TV show (political), they said an interested quote from someone. I listen and used that quote many times, is one quote that have a deep true meaning. George Santayana, who quoted “Quien no recuerda el pasado, es destinado a repetirlo” (Those who do not remember their past are condemned to repeat their mistakes). So my curious mind wanted to know a little more about this person, and thanks (link most things) to Wikipedia, I foud it.
I spent a little more on some reserch, and read all the quotes said from him. The ones that I most liked are.

Almost every wise saying has an opposite one, no less wise, to balance it. Never build your emotional life on the weaknesses of others.
Only the dead have seen an end to war. Advertising is the modern substitute for argument; its function is to make the worse appear the better. The wisest mind has something yet to learn.

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“We are the only animal that fall down with the same stone two times”