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Picture Personality

Picture Personality
Come sempre adoro i test… Picture Personality, tempo fa l’avevo visto da qualche parte in Internet. Risultato della mia personalità. (in inglese)

Temperament: Idealist. You are the quintessential dreamer – spending more time thinking about the possibilities that the world holds for you, rather than your reality. You don’t settle for anything less than what you truly desire and you work very hard. You tend to live in every place except the present – you are prone to daydreaming about the future and re-thinking the choices you made in the past. Sometimes you get overly caught up in your thoughts.
Interests: Thrill Seeker. You are interested in anything that is exciting and pleasurable. You’re not afraid to indulge yourself – you live by your own set of rules and don’t allow yourself to get hung on what others think. For the most part, you are independent and do whatever you please to do. Trying to stop you from doing something only makes you want it even more. At the end of the day – you live for life’s most thrilling moments.
Amusement: Adventurous. It’s a good thing that you are filled with energy and ambitions (that others sometimes find exhausting) because you’re continually looking for a new adventure and exciting experience. You struggle with a continual feeling of restlessness which constantly pushes you to the next level of excitement. Once you have accomplished one thing, you are eager to accomplish something more exciting, riskier and distinguishable.
Passion: Emotional. For you passion is less about romance and sex – it’s more about friendship and family. Strong emotional bonds and connections are your passion and your pleasure. You always let your loved ones know how much you love, respect and admire them. You do this through kind words, loving actions and simple gestures. You count your blessings each day and express your love openly. You expect the same from others.

Diciamo che i risultati sono normali… darei un 60%~80% di certezza.
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