Crypto week 13

I skipped last week, too many thing to do around the house and at work, also is not that there was any change in my allocation, beside getting some EOS from Womplay. From the previous week I got an increase of 20%, these week the markets are showing some green fields.

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Current allocation:

  • BNB: 55.52%
  • MATIC: 8.85%
  • NEAR: 8.60%
  • ADA: 7.19%
  • AVAX: 6.09%
  • USDT: 5.25%
  • GALA: 3.19%
  • SAND: 3.09%
  • TOWER: 1.69%

EOS is not listed as the earnings from Womplay are really little.
I will like to get some CRO and LUNA in the near future.

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