What a mess!

I’m a complete disaster right now, at home, at work, and in life in general. I’m trying to grasp the situation and make sense of it, but I can’t seem to get it together.
So, the last time I wrote something in the space was over two years ago, and now I’m writing again out of nowhere. I truly can’t let go of this website/blog; it’s a means for me to keep my nick visible. I’ll try again, and perseverance will win (hopefully).

For the time being, I spent all night yesterday attempt to fix the blog, changing the template to a simpler one, switching hosting to Windows (php version issues with Linux), having to re-install WordPress, and having other permalink issues. At the moment, it appears that everything is in working order.

In my personal life, I am always looking to play a lot of games, including some with my older daughter (nearly 5 years old), who enjoys playing and, more importantly, loves playing with me.
We attempted our first video yesterday, playing dolls in a Barbie house (with some fragments of a story), and we will try again because she did enjoy making the film and seeing it afterwards.

I will try again, writing something, I will try.

Development Games

Starting with Unity

I love games, I specially like online games like casino o poker games, I have learn a lot from  I play lot’s of games but also I get bored fast from games so I’m always switching games and trying new ones.
I can try many genres of them and also different visuals of them. Probably the only genre of games that I don’t like is Sport ones (Unless it is managerial ones).

So I decided to learn Unity, why not. At the moment just started to learn the basics of the program and the assets (I’m not good at design) checking for the free assets sites. For me, the most important in a game is the gameplay, how it feels to play, less interested in the graphics and then the story.
At the moment just starting to learn and watch videos of how to use Unity for gaming development.

Probably will start with a Space Shooter, just to try to learn and is a genre that personally likes a lot.
We will see how it goes.

Games RPG

What doing this quarantine

Currently, this is the second week of the quarantine here in Italy. Then I thought why not doing some stuff, besides gaming.
At the moment I’m on PTO (Vacation) from work, trying to spend time in the living room or the bedroom, hard decision to make every day. Go ahead and visit website for more Mods for android games to have fun.

So currently my time is between my family and some gaming (Divinity Original Sin 2 {Switch} and Days Bygone {Android}), I game in the free moments in between doing things. I should start doing some work to get ahead before the quarantine is gone and then will have to rush with everything. Everyone is currently having extra time been at home, my situation seems different as my kid now sees me as her favorite and every time is “Daddy look, daddy look, daddy look” or “Daddy together, play together, play together”, she knows how to repeat a word or a sentence plenty of time before you give up and just do it what she wants.
I will like to learn some Unity, maybe in the future to build some of the ideas that I have for games (for toddlers and for my taste), but at this time seems that I will have more time once back to work.

So at the moment, I’m mostly playing with the Switch, if anyone wants to add me (SW-3031-1931-0445), please do so and let me know here or by discord. (Agaponeo#7802)

If you’re someone like me who also enjoys playing MMORPGs like World of Warcraft, I highly suggest you check out this site buy more in-game currency. You can buy more WoW TBC gold.

Days Bygone


Contributing in Alliance
AR Games MMO

TWD: OW second week

We started the second week of “The Walking Death: Our World” and is already becoming more challenged.

Second week because the weekly challenges started yesterday morning. We already as a group are facing the struggle of a mission that is really hard. “rescue 80 survivors (easy part) and bring them to a trading post (super hard)”

Asking inside the group who is able to build a trading post and only today in the afternoon one of the group will be able to do it. Luckily he will set up an hour in advance to let us know when use a flare.

Currently i have not see a single trading post in the areas that i walk/play/work/exist.

This gives me the impression that for higher tiers of the weekly challenges it will always be harder and we as group will have to communicate more. This is something that i like in the game, were the communication is essential for achieving the community goal.

A few day ago a posted some tips for the game.

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