Awake… again

This is a first time since a long time, that I wake up as a normal person… in the morning. But I needed to rest a while, since I have so much tiredness in my body.

I know that sleeping in the afternoon (and live at night), is not good for the health (something about the sun). Well, now that the university will start again, I better be ready to sleep at night, otherwise I will become a vampire. 🙂 Is still one month left before it will start, but I want to be ready.

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How to finish the Grow Cube

I have seen some people searching information about how to finish the Grow Cube, is a simple flash game, but is great because that and the nice and cute graphic. Very adictive until you finish it.
Thanks to EyezMaze for this game.
Some friends asked me how to finsh, so I made some screens of the game.


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I want it too

Be Online

I want it, but the real question is when it will be aviable in Italy? I think there is a lot of time before it reaches . The only thing to do is hope and wait.

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EyezMaze… Grow

Grow RPG

I have seen already some EYEZMAZE , but I found Grow RPG and insanly I wanted to finish it. I got fun with this, and is not really hard to finish it well, just a few trys and you will get it.

Grow Cube

Now, if the one before (Grow RPG), was easy… Try this Grow Cube. This is the most I can get, I really hard to finish it with all max. If anyone can do it, please send me a picture or comment, please.

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Google & EPIC 2014 (Español)


Estoy probando Google Desktop, ya que encontre algunas propiedades interesantes. Pero se esta tardando una eternidad para indexar mi computador (500+ GB), y como el indexamiento lo hace solo cuando el no esta haciendo nada, se tardara mucho.

Pienso que con todos los varios programas y recursos que Google tiene, ellos quieren conquistar el mundo. Yo ya uso Picasa, un programa, para catalogar cualquier tipo de imágenes dentro del computador, y tambien sirve para hacer algunas operaciones basicas de retoque fotográfico (Encontre el programa muy util).

Otro programa che uso es Google Talk, ya que siendo un usuario de Gmail, porque no probar este tambien? (Con este se puede chatear tambien con voz entre otros usuarios de , y la calidad de la voz es muy buena). Por ultimo… Google Earth, si… Este programa es realmente inutil, pero divertido de usar, porque no ver algunos lugares?

Despues de haber visto todas estas cosas, si, me viene en la mente de que Google quiere todo…

Hay un video comico, pero interesante “EPIC 2014” hecho en flash (8minutos) de Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson, con musica de Aaron McLeran (el video es en ingles, pero hai una traduccion en EPIC 2014 en Español por Coldwind. El video es muy interesante, mirenlo.

Indexing of Google Desktop

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Google & EPIC 2014


I’m trying Google Desktop, since I found a few features that interest me. But It take ages to indexed my computer (500+ GB), and since it does only when the is in idle, It will take really long.

I was thinking that with all the new features that Google has, they want to conquer the world. I already use Picasa, a program, for the cataloging and indexing of all kind of Image files in the computer, and also make some basic photo editing (I found this program really useful).

Another program that I’m to, is the Google Talk, since I’m a Gmail user, why not give a try this too? (This program can also chat with voice with other user, and the quality is really good).

And last… Google Earth, yes… This program is really useless, but funny to use, Why not check some places?

After taking a look of all this things, yes, it comes clear in my mind that want all….

There is a funny, but interesting video “EPIC 2014” made in flash (8 minutes), made by Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson, with music by Aaron McLeran. The video Is really interesting, please watch.

Is not far from the truth, since all the mayor companies want that too.

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Google & EPIC 2014 (Italiano)


Sto provando Google Desktop, gia  che ho trovato alcune proprietà interessanti. Pero ci mette anni per indexare il mio computer (500+ GB), e siccome l’indexamento lo fa solo quando il non fa niente, ci mettero  molto tempo.

Penso che con tutti i vari nuovi programmi e risorse che Google ha, loro vogliono conquistare il mondo. Io gia uso Picasa, un programma, per catalogare qualsiasi tipo di immagini situati nel computer, ed anche per alcune operazioni basiche di fotoritocco (Ho trovato il programma molto utile).

Un’altro programma che uso, e’ Google Talk, gia che sono un usuario di Gmail, perche no provare anche questo? (Con questo programma si puo anche chattare con voce con altri usuari di , e la qualita della voce e’ molto buona).

E per ultimo… Google Earth, si… Questo programma e’ veramente inutile, pero divertente da usare, perche non vedere alcuni posti?

Dopo aver visto tutte queste cose, si, mi viene chiaro nella mente che Google vuole tutto…

C’e un video divertente, pero interessante “EPIC 2014” fatto in flash (8minuti) di Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson, con musica di Aaron McLeran (il video e’ in inglese, pero c’e la traduzione in EPIC 2014 in Italian by Fabio. Il video e’ molto interessante, guardatelo.

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Problems with language

Thanks the of malyfred for WordPress, now I can write in some languages, so the people can read in his language. But I think in this way I will get more confused with the languages, that I already get always confused with them (who meet me, know it), but the only thing that I can do is get better.

In these days I was trying a site that allow me to translate my site in some languages, however with not good result.

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Just music

Three days of full movements in my day life…

Well finishing my entry in the University, and paying the rent (some bad things happen). In the other hand, I found about one , 해바라기 is a 70 – 80 music group. I enjoy the soft melodic sound, is relaxing and clam music…

It also take you in a oldies mood, that is nice. I like the music, before I listened only the Latino-american and Italian music of that period, now I have also the Korean that will follow my days. Is happy to listen them.

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