Lineage 2 Revolution

I started to play Lineage 2 Revolution, probably about 2 weeks ago. I got caught in the simplicity of the controls and the familiarity of the MMO type game.

Lineage is a standard Mobile MMO RPG, it has all the characteristics of a PC MMO, executed flawless in Mobile form.

Always when I play (played) and MMO, my main characters were Healer type and Archer type.
Currently I’m playing an Elf – Silver Ranger (Archer type), lvl 44 (searching for a decent clan) in the Italian server “Hardin01” (Not fully Italian, since I’m finding many people from other countries).

The game is Semi-AFK, the game can be played in total control or AFK. I don’t dislike this possibility, since many times I’m doing other things too.

Love the quest style in Lineage 2 Revolution, since there are many ways to get rewards and XP.
I will not say that the game is P2W (Pay to Win), but for sure spending some buck will help to achieve things easier. (Currently I have spend 0 and still enjoying it)

Graphics are amazing for a Mobile Game, at the moment I’m playing with almost all the Graphics at the maximum. For sure need a powerful Phone to run it at great level, but the game scalability seems pretty good.

I recommend the game since is really a good version of MMO RPG for Mobile.
Currently I can’t stop playing the game, even in it semi-AFK way.

Lineage 2 Revolution – Google Play

By Agaponeo

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