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Travel plan…

In one week, I will go back to Venezuela, for vacation.
I will leave the 8 of August, and for 3 weeks, I will try to get relax.
I will be with my family, and I will pay a visit to my grandmother and my uncle, for a few days… Is too shame that I can’t go to Maracaibo, I have not much days…, and I will bring a few friends…
Espero realmente de poderme relajar, ya que tendre que correr bastante… “Fly schedule: 6.50 from Rome to Lisbona, arrive 8.45 09.55 from Lisbona to Oporto, arrive 10.45 11.30 from Oporto to Caracas, arrive 15.15” So who is used to travel intercontinental Fly, with a few transfer, will know that there is only time to run, to cacth the next plane. Let’s see what will happen…

By Agaponeo

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