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I’m sorry to say this but.
I was trying Qumana software. With this program, is “easy” to post to many blogs, with a nice interface, with WYSIWYG editor plus the possibility to view the source code, for easy editing. Well, the program seems nice.
I was able to connect with this site, and with another Blog (I only used for testing).
Too shame that I wasn’t able to connect with my MSN Spaces.
I try many times, but I only got some errors (I know it could be “msn spaces” server problems). Well, after this, I try to post a simple post about Qumana.
I almost got no response from my computer, and while I was waiting like 10 minutes, then I “kill the proces”. (In the testing blog, there was no new post) It could be a nice program, but maybe some other people can try, and maybe it will work good for them.

By Agaponeo

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