So it’s been 5 months since my last post, just got lots and lots of things to do at work that i haven’t been able to focus on pretty much anything else.

So the last update of Pokemon Go came out and finally some extra things to do are in.

I understand that at the moment having “friends” in the games does not help too much.

At the moment is great for having the Alolan versions of some pokemons and I hope that hatching those eggs something special can come out, since the eggs seems to be linked from where the gift was sent.

Currently I’m hatching a Japanese egg, will see what comes out.

So here is my trainer code: 171336386380 and if you are from outaide of Europe, I will love to have as friends in the game, also wew can play casino games together and learn from websites like

This is my normal day to day area of play.

Pokemon Go area of playPokemon Go area of play

Just leave me a comment with the Trainer Name and i will add you.

I always send gifts.

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