Old Blog

Some Headers

Time ago I used some images for my blog with the Relaxation_3column theme by Clemens Orth.
Well the theme was really nice, and great. And with that theme, I used the Ramdom header Plugin for WordPress.
Now I’m using again that Pluing with this new theme 3k2redux klee by Michael Heilemann & Chris J Davis, and I used some new Images…
Many of them I got for surfin on Flickr, like Petal of Rose IV by poesie,Umbrellas by Thomas Hawk and Flower Break by cyrenaic. Other are from the Baby V.O.X. Photo album, one with my dear platonic love Kim Ha-neul.
Slowly I will add some more.
Added: Caution Love by SeenyaRita.

By Agaponeo

My name is Cristian Bracci, and I am married to a beautiful lady as well as the dad of two amazing daughters.
Aside from working full-time and spending time with my family, I generally spend my free time learning new things or playing video games.
Since the days of Atari, I've been a gamer.