What a mess!

I’m a complete disaster right now, at home, at work, and in life in general. I’m trying to grasp the situation and make sense of it, but I can’t seem to get it together.
So, the last time I wrote something in the space was over two years ago, and now I’m writing again out of nowhere. I truly can’t let go of this website/blog; it’s a means for me to keep my nick visible. I’ll try again, and perseverance will win (hopefully).

For the time being, I spent all night yesterday attempt to fix the blog, changing the template to a simpler one, switching hosting to Windows (php version issues with Linux), having to re-install WordPress, and having other permalink issues. At the moment, it appears that everything is in working order.

In my personal life, I am always looking to play a lot of games, including some with my older daughter (nearly 5 years old), who enjoys playing and, more importantly, loves playing with me.
We attempted our first video yesterday, playing dolls in a Barbie house (with some fragments of a story), and we will try again because she did enjoy making the film and seeing it afterwards.

I will try again, writing something, I will try.

Games Personal


Always liked “Achievements”.

In the past there was not so much of Achievement Hunters, I don’t think myself as one but I do like to reach for them. Currently playing mostly on mobile, I do appreciate when game have the google play connection and they do have Achievements.Google Play Profile

If they do not have it’s not a problem, still the main reason to play is the game itself.

When I was playing more in the PC, and mostly with Steam, I was using the only site that I knew back then. Agaponeo’s AStats Profile.

Just found out 3 interesting sites for Achievement Hunters.

I personally prefer the Completionist site that looks very nice, but kudos for Metagamerscore as it has more accounts acquisitions from various sources.

For the moment being I will continue with Google Play Profile for the Achievements but I cannot find a website to track them from Google.

Until I will have time to play with Steam my search for Achievements in mobile will continue.


Agaponeo 2.0

It feels a little strange setting up again the blog, it’s been about 9 years since my last post.

The blogging world seems so different as 10 years ago, just I will need to read some new info but nothing to complicated.

In these years pletora of things has changed in my life, grew inside my company, lived in another country, got married with my beautiful wife and together we had our amazing baby.

Currently my days are between work and family, and of course our baby takes lot of time (happy to do it).

The knly thing that has not changed is my passion for games, before was a hardcore gamer in pc, now I’ve become a more casual gamer on mobile. But I will be a gamer forever.

My post will be more focused on games that i currently play and my opinions on them, like for exmaple online casino games from Usually every week I’m always trying new games .

Let’s see how this new adventure develops.

Old Blog

Benevolent Inventor

I tried this test and I think is nice… many question, but with a new way of anwser, and I think is well made. I really don’t know if the result fits me, but I think a little yes.
Everytime the people take test, there are different result.
Thats depends of the mood in that moment.
The test said that I’m Benevolent Inventor.

Old Blog


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Oggi sempre alla ricerca delle peculiarita linguistiche, e come sempre sui modi di parlare… e grazie alla scorza chiaccherata con degli amici… Vedendo un collega, mi sono imbattutto con una parola che usavo molto tempo fa… “Grillero” Cercando la migliore forma di dirlo in Italiano, senza dover usare tante parole, o meglio… provare a trovare un’unica parola che la potesse rappresentare… Spiegare “Grillero“, “Bagrero“, “Power Ranger“, “Allenatore di Pokemon“, non e’ difficile… se pensate un po’ ci arrivate, ma visto la forma di vedere le cose sono diverse da un continente all’altro, vi spiego ogni parola…

  • La parola “Grillero” viene da una canzone di [amazon_textlink asin=’B01MDRZQWR|B01CG4ZL0Q|B01MDRZQWR|B00W6SVOL8|B000001ASH’ text=’Proyecto Uno’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’agaponeo-21|agaponeo0c-21|agaponeo07-21|agaponeo0d-21|agaponeo0e-21′ marketplace=’IT|UK|ES|FR|DE’ link_id=’9dc9b28a-feb0-11e7-90d5-a5600f92678e’], la quale canzone e’ quella nel post, e ho provato a fare una traduzione del testo.
  • Bagrero“, sarebbe colui che ha, o alleva questo bellissimo (bruttissimo) pesce, il “Pseudoplatystoma fasciatum“.
  • Power Ranger“, cosi li chiamavamo noi in Venezuela, all’epoca del liceo. I Power Ranges si sa che sempre compaiono con mostri.
  • Allenatore di Pokemon“, mi hanno detto l’altro giorno che adesso in Ecuador, si chiamano cosi, visto che hanno tanti mostriciattoli…

Allora se avete capito, queste parole si riferiscono a quei “Uomini” (ma sepre potrebbero esserci delle donne), che gli piace uscire con le “Donne” (Uomini in altro caso) “Brutti” (e sempre soggettivo, ma avvolte e’ oggettivo… e lo sappiamo tutti). Una persona mi ha detto che a “Tivoli” si dice; “Ragiano“, colui che tiene (o traina) i “Muli“. (Su questa parola non so quanto possa essere vera) E poi, a fine giornata, e’ arrivata un’altra vecchia parola… la quale anche in Spagnolo, come in Italiano si usava lo stesso connotato; “Ghostbuster“, o meglio dire “Acchiappa Fantasmi“. Prego, se avete altre parole con lo stesso connotato, potete riferirle.
Proyecto 1 – El Grillero Continua per il testo